Welcome on this homepage about the bible: 

Here you can find: The bible for reading (ebook, pdf), for note taking (pdf with wide margin), for presenting (pdf), for listening (audio), for learning and memorizing (flash cards, content pages), for comparing (synopses), for studying (word statistics), for visualizing (graphs).   

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The bible has been divided into:

  • Old Testament (OT) 
  • New Testament (NT) 

On the other hand the books of the bible were sorted according to six 
time periods: 

  • Fathers: the period of Israel’s fathers and Israel’s origin
  • Judges: the period of Israel’s judges
  • Kings: the period of Israel’s kings 
  • Nations: the period of Israel among the nations 
  • Jesus: the period of Jesus on earth 
  • Church: the period of Jesus church 

For each book in the bible you will find the folloing contents:

  • Reading: bible as ebook in pdf-format 
  • Note taking: bible as ebook with wide margin for personal notes
  • Presenting: bible as foils for presentation 
  • Listening: link collection for listening god’s word
  • Learning: content pdf-documents for getting an overview and memorizing the content
  • Visualizing: graphs give an overview of periods and books